Introduction to Accounting

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Video Lectures for Each Subject

Subjects Covered!

Professors consistently teach the accounting principles presented here.

Focus your studying and learn what your professor really wants you to understand about Accounting.

For each Subject you get:

  • Key Accounting concepts (“chapter” summary, terms, definitions, formulas)
  • Step By Step How To … (focus exactly on what you need to know how to do)
  • Questions with fully explained answers that consistently emphasize and repeat the key things you must know (no fluff). Once you understand the key things, the rest will fall easily into place
  • Practice Tests with Fully Explained Answers – Make sure that you understand it
  • Video Lectures for Each Subject

Reinforce your class lecture by taking 20 minutes to

  • Print “Key Things to Know” and review the terms, definitions, calculations
  • Walk through “Practice as You Learn” to see exactly what you are expected to be able to do and exactly how to do it (no extra stuff, exactly what you need to know)
  • Take the “Self Test” to see if you understand the key terms and calculations – if you don’t, it will help you understand what you need to know
  • Review the answers to the Easy Test practice problems to see how the problems are worked

Then:Do your assigned homework.
You will be amazed at how much more you understand and how much more you learn
as you do your homework!

Studying for your test: Take the Medium and Hard Practice Tests to make sure you know
what you need to know BEFORE the test

Focus and learn in much less time.

“Knowledge is easy to him who understands” Proverbs 14:6
“Of making books there is no end and much study wearies the body” Ecclesiastes 12:12




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